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The environment - Based on the environmental study (approved by the Government) the project will offer much more than an ordinary development does.

Economy - A tertiary sewage treatment plant (belonging to the project) will serve the project, and the cleaned water will be used to water the public/common gardens.

The building density - Out of the site's 'total area of 40.266 sq.m., 4.400 sq.m. have been earmarked for common and public gardens. Approximately 20% only of the site area is covered with buildings, leaving large open spaces for gardens, and allowing at the same time maximum views.

The architecture - The construction of the project is based on Greek island architecture which fits the site and the local environment perfectly. There are two-bedroom, single-storey villas, as well as a combination of both, such as bungalows with a studio on the first floor. The design is not monotonous, and in addition to the housing variations, the units will have flat, domed, or pitched rood, and other architectural elements (including exposed internally timber roods etc.) which provide a pleasant variety in terms of architectural/building appearance.

Privacy - Each house has its own private garden, parking, swimming pool and other facilities (see plans) which, all together, add up to a quiet environment within a project that offers maximum privacy.

Security  - The project makes provision for the construction of a guardhouse and the employment of a guard service (if the residents so choose), and approximately 62% of the project has private roads with controlled access (remote controlled entrance gate, etc.)

Public utilities - All public services are available to the site and will be placed underground to eliminate visual pollution.

Three planting - Provision has been made for trees to be plated along the roads, as well as within public and common green areas, etc. as designed by the international landscaping firm Pentago of Australia, as well as by local agriculturalists.

Lighting - Specially imported street lampposts will add to the project's attraction.


Modern Facilities

Each unit will be offered with the following facilities:

Private swimming pool for each house 

Provision for the installation of air conditioning units (hot and cold)

A garden watering system

Planting of garden along the boundaries. Additional planting will be undertaken by the developer based on client's instructions.


Common Facilities

Plans are being prepared for the provision of common satellite antennas, so that individual satellite dishes/antennas are avoided as much as possible.

Visitors' parking is provided in several locations.

Administration after delivery will be undertaken by Antonis Loizou & Associates, Chartered Surveyors, in order to assist the residents. This administration will include assistance in purchasing kitchen equipment and furniture for the residents and any other requirements for the residents.


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