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European UnionThe coastline of Cyprus is a fixed parameter that cannot be increased. Consequently, in the course of time, and as a result of Cyprus's accession to the EU, the value of coastal property is expected to increase with mathematical precision. 70% of the development zone on the coast of Cyprus has already been developed, while properly prices have doubled in the past few years.

Cyprus's accession to Europe will increase the demand for holiday homes and other forms of real estate and the value of land and housing is expected to increase accordingly. The island's accession around the year 2004 coincided with the opening of the real estate market to foreigners, while the accession of seven other counties (northern countries that have neither sun nor sea) will lead to additional demand and therefore had positive repercussions on the value of this investment in the future.

Cyprus is the third country in order of preference after Spain and Portugal in terms of "European buyers" acquisition of overseas homes for holidays or permanent residence, while every aspect of the project points to an appreciation of the capital value of the units within the  project.

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